Cyclist’s Defence Fund.. Legal assistance for British Cyclists

The following links may be of assistance:

  • The Highway Code can be found here.
  • An apparent change in the approach to policing the Critical Mass event in London has produced some interesting debate on the legal status of the event. Samples of that debate are here, with acknowedgement where possible. The Fund is investigating the nature of the steps taken by groups, including Friends of the Earth, to clarify the legal position.
  • We have produced a brief summary of the options to consider for funding a legal case or claim.
  • There is also a guide to liability in cases involving cyclists available.
  • What if you’re case involves an issue of contributory negligence? Perhaps because of the non-use of a cycle helmet?
  • The CTC’s Technical Officer, Chris Juden, has produced a summary of the regulations and standards that affect the equipment used by cyclists. In short: whether your bike is legal to ride on the road and whether it was legal for the shop to sell it like that. You can find it here.
  • And if you’re case involves cycle lights then this article may be of use.
  • The Public Law Project has published – Third party interventions in judicial review (2001)
  • The Centre for Corporate Accountability has some interesting research publications.
  • Liberty has a wide range of briefing papers on all aspects of law.
  • The Law Centres Federation is the place to go when you need to find someone who provide free legal advice.
  • Justice has a useful set of publications.
  • Here’s a link to a different Cyclists’ Defense Fund, not to be confused with us. This link has a critical mass connection!
  • There’s a forum that explores cycling and the law.

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