Driver who killed Jason MacIntyre fined £500

(from a news source I cannot remember!)

Robert McTaggart, the driver of the council van involved in the crash that killed Scottish time trial star Jason MacIntyre, has been fined £500 and had his driving licence suspended for six months.

McTaggart pleaded guilty on Thursday, August 7 to the charge of careless driving, a lesser charge than that of culpable homicide or death by dangerous driving. He claimed that he didn’t see MacIntyre, who collided with him as he turned his van across the A82 and into a depot near Fort William in January 2008.


These judges just don’t want to stick him in prison because they are overflowing.

Though the Highway Code (2008) clearly states that ‘careless driving that causes death’ carries a maximum sentence of 14 year’s imprisonment, the fine being ‘unlimited’ and the disqualification is 2 years minimum, this driver clearly got away with it despite the Highway Code’s strict rules.  Is the Highway Code a Mickey Mouse book then?


One response to “Driver who killed Jason MacIntyre fined £500

  1. westfieldwanderer

    As George Monbiot once put it – road death is just the price of doing business. That’s why the ruling clique are reluctant to do anything worthwhile about it.

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