The Olympic Handover – Let the Farce Begin

Well, it has already begun, as it is raining already (despite sunny weather being forecast).  I was planning to wear Copenhagenchic (well, Londonurbanchic) and had to re adjust because of the rain. Looks like I will be wearing That Raincoat for the first time. Should be fun and shocking!.

I am off to the Olympic Handover in London.  I am getting excited about it even though it is a money making-contrived-media-frenzy and brings out the cheesiest celebrities who have absolutely nothing to do with sport and probably cannot sing.  I just hope it does improve East London and I will be keeping an eye on this. We can only hope but I don’t think we can match China, no matter what Boris says.

I am going to keep a London 2012 scrapbook. Sad, but it has to be done!


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