Bike Stolen

While we were at the Olympic Handover Ceremony, my friend’s mountain bike was stolen at the bike rack by Next & Charing Cross and we went most of the evening at the Police Station.

No it wasn’t Datataged, insured and the Frame Number was in his mobile, which was stolen 2 weeks ago.

It’s not good.

The thieves cut up my lock that he borrowed. He had to take the tube home and I had to cycle on my own to Leyton at night.  Will lend him my vintage bike in the meantime and will go to Brick Lane and do a search! If you see a blue and silver mountainbike (as per above pic) please email me!


One response to “Bike Stolen

  1. As a bike, i understand your friend’s pain and loss. I too was once stolen – or Changed Ownrship by Theft (COT’ed, as we bikes say) – and in my dark hours, i used to think of my beloved master. Your friend’s bike must feel the same.

    All the best
    Iggy giant

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