A Warm Welcome to Streatham, and other Weekend Stuff

I was catsitting in Streatham  and at the weekend, and got a little taste of the salubrious area:-

A ransom of £20,000 for one murderer…

It is odd how in London murders seem ‘normal’ as there are so many of them, even though the police say ‘serious crime is rare’. In London, murders are all over each page.

The Oxfam shop in Streatham that sells electrical things. I was looking for a pocket radio but they didn’t have them though. Instead, I bought a book about Kate Bush. They have an good Gift card selection.. for a few pounds you can help a family feed a goat, go to school or even build a ‘bog’!

We played Bingo in the Bingo Hall at Streatham. I hadn’t played this since I was 10. Good old fashioned institutional fun… even though we could hardly understand the complicated ‘system’!

We saw a gran winning £100, then she got to go to the One Armed Bandit, and then she was playing bingo again – It’s quite scary how gambling is taking a hold on old people. 

A woman explained to me that a woman had put in £1000 in the One Armed Bandit and she had a kid to support.

I always thought bingo was a place to have ‘fun’ and a ‘chat’ but lots of people seemed to be taking it  seriously, so much so, it was like being on ‘a factory floor’.

The money obsession was a bit ‘sad’ to me and there were no silly winnings like large teddy bears or anything or other  prizes just to lighten the game. It seemed to be money obsessed .. and on a Sunday too. People playing for money without really ‘earning it’

We played one game and then we just ‘played without the money’. We seemed to have more fun than the others who were staring down intently at their numbers. It was really fast, and I don’t think I could ever be a whizz like the others. I’d go again for a old fashioned British entertainment on a rainy day, but I wouldn’t play for the money.  We only spent £2, so was quite impressed with that.


Then we went to Brixton and had sarnies in the park, read the Sunday Papers and listened to the radio. The Squrriel had one of my maltesers – but, this park was Drug Land, so we were asked by a seedy bloke if we ‘wanted charlie’ and the other person on the bench was asked by a bloke on a bike if they wanted ‘Methedone’. We said ‘no’ although we thought next time we get asked, we will ask if they have some Raeffelo chocolates! Now, that’s more the ticket. Drugs don’t compare with these:-)  J said that no one has asked him if he wanted Cocaine before (only the other ones). So he said he would ‘cross it off his ‘I Spy Drugs List’! I have never been asked, so I only got one:-).

The windmill at Brixton, one of the few places hardly vandalised. Lovely quiet spot… well, who really knows what this place is like on Friday nights?

One solidarity bunch of flowers.. another victim of our roads.. taken near Tooting Bec

Mattress Watch! Not Leyton this time, but Tooting.

Enjoying cycling through the trees on the 1st September at Tooting, near the Athletics Track


A perfect autumn morning…


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