Worst Drivers.. and the best drivers, my experiences

My Worst drivers:

1) 4×4 (90% are rotten)
2) Commuters (all cars, even BMWs!).  Dark Blue hatchbacks are the worst.
3) London Buses (they don’t leave me space)
4) Women in new hatchbacks (with or without child) 

5) Fiestas with Young People in (there is a horrible white fiesta that drives me potty!)
6) Sports Cars with Elderly Drivers (‘silver racers’) (go past me at 70 mph)
7) Police Cars in pursuit


8) Dust carts

9) Council Trucks

10) Lorry Drivers

 11) Anyone over the age of 100 driving (like my aunt)

Best Drivers

1) Learner Drivers (how ironic!)

2) Advanced Motorists

3) Some White Vans (believe it or not)

4) Elderly women in Fiestas

5) Horseboxes


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