Cycling jacket with built in brake lights and indicators

From the Evening Standard:-

“It’s every cyclist’s nightmare – it’s dark or getting that way, you have just given a hand signal, but will other road users have seen it?

Well, they will now, thanks to an innovative jacket with flashing indicators on the sleeves and brake lights in the back.

Its inventor Michael Chen has landed a design award for the high-tech coat and hopes to find a manufacturer to produce it on a mass scale.

Amber indicators are triggered to flash by a “tilt-switch” when the wearer raises their arm to give a hand signal.

And a device called an “accelerometer” is used to turn an LED, woven into the jacket’s back, green when the rider is moving forward or red when they apply the brakes”.


In principle I like the idea, but a) special batteries are often hard to get hold of b) the lights may not work because of the heavy rain (which has happened twice on both my cycling jackets that had special inbuilt lights) and you cannot see the lights at the back, so you can’t see them working. So, I won’t consider having one of these, even though I like bicycle gadgetty things!


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