I fell off my bike in Mile End

Luckily I was on a Bus Lane with no buses behind me and I had no injuries.

My whole bike skidded. It was raining but I don’t usually have a problem. I went to the cycle shop and they said that my tyres were fine but I need to get the brakes checked.

When I used the brakes they didn’t work very well ‘in the skid’, rather like cars ‘locking’ (normally with cars avoid using the brakes and go into the skid). The cycle shop said that perhaps the ‘road had oil’ and ‘it is one of those things’. My bike was a bit ‘one sided’ which didn’t help much so I am going to cycle more slowly and take out more of my stuff in the future (and get my brakes sorted). A White Van Man asked me if I was ok which was nice (see, they aren’t all rotten!).

It was Ding Day today but it ‘kind of fell flat’! Not a Ding to be Heard. I think I was too busy concentrating on ‘the oil spots’ on the road to Ding anyone!

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