Daily Archives: September 16, 2008

Doodle of the Day

I think I will have a crack at Just William’s Daughter’s Doodle of the Day. It sounds fun and makes me ‘Do Art’ and it is a very Slow Movement ‘Thing’ innit?

I come from a long line of artists (impressionist, abstract and pre-raefaelite (how do you spell that?) but I ended up taking a mindless, soulless and extremely boring secretarial course, instead of art because ‘I won’t starve to death’. It probably is the biggest mistake of my life. My job kills me because it doesn’t allow any creativity. It’s a nightmare thinking I will have to spend ‘time’ doing secretarial crap all my life! I don’t how on earth people can stick it. However, I learned to type and that was about it. I therefore met no creative beings and even now, I never meet any. Everyone seems to be ‘wrapped up’ in the world of business and ‘worldly’ things where I live. There are times I wish I could live in London or Brighton. I’m too much of a ‘hippy’.

I tend to prefer abstract as I love the colours, textures and simplicity. I also enjoy sculpture. I had very useless art teacher so I didn’t really learn ‘any skill’ (she just watched us) but I have started to learn skills slowly by buying books and they seem to be excellent and have boosted my confidence. One day, I fancy going to art school to make up for lost time. I know I can do it with the right skills and support. However, I am doing an online journalist course, so I will have to do that after that.

Here is a mandala I did a few weeks ago. I promise I will do a Doodle later, maybe something ‘bicycley’ to keep up with my theme! I love Cyberart, that really inspires me. It’s so funky and vibrant! I wish I could afford a better Art program on my PC to really get me goin’ though. I think I am a Digital Age artist, something that wasn’t really around ‘in my day’.

The Mandala, here, shows you the typical Colours of a Tibetan Mandala. The Tibetans make them painstakingly of sand and then, to avoid attachment, they destroy it all. I have made few postcards of these ones. If I could spend more time just doing art, I would, but often life, doesn’t give me the time. For example, after this, I will have to spend hours mowing the bloody lawn! I’d would rather be in my deckchair say, and drawing it!

Update: The Doodle of the Day.. hope you recognise it.. as long as it looks like a bag that’s the main thing, and not a wastepaper basket. It was a 10 minute job. It was originally on a chair but the chair was well dodgy so I gave up with that. Also it was orginally in pencil, and I gave up with that too and scribbled it in ink.

Rat Infested London

I’ve just been reading Crap Waltham Forest’s blog about the regular sightings of Rats.

I’ve been lucky to see just one by the pond in Mile End a few months ago and that’s about it. Or was it 2? Maybe it was the same one! You are only about 5 minutes away from a Stinking & Poisonous Rat in London. In the countryside, where I live, they are enormous (about 2 foot long) so that rat Crap Waltham Forest saw, was quite ‘tiddly’ by comparison.

One of my Worst Rat Experiences Ever was when I was in Hong Kong at a Dai Pai Dong (one of those food stalls you-are-meant-to-avoid, and about three fat black rats (yes, the Black Death ones you read about in history books), the size of dogs, darted between the tables and the waitresses didn’t seem to bat an eyelid. They just don’t seem to have any Health & Safety policy over there!

I had to Animal Sit for a neighbour once when I was younger and the kids had loads of animals, cats, a ferret, 2 dogs, stick insects and.. what they didn’t tell me, was a bloody rat. Coming from a farming background, with rats munching the foodstuffs and chomping their way through the buildings left right and centre, these were villians and a ‘job for my brother’. It never ceases to amaze me that ‘surburban’ people seem to even want to keep rats as pets when there are a lot better animals to have instead.

Still, rats are pretty clever creatures. If they weren’t so goddam awful, you’d have to admire them!