Crime Maps.. will they help cyclists?

I think this is a useful idea. I have often read Crime Stats of my local area which gives me a ‘rough idea’ what the place is like. Also to get a better idea I tend to speak to local people and read the local paper. Never speak to Estate Agents! I quite like to find out what Cycle Route has the worst crime hot spot.. if they are that sophisticated. I like more information so I can make a better judgement, although, at the end of the day, if a nutter is around, he can come anywhere and at anytime.

From the BBC:-

“Last month the Home Office announced that everyone in England and Wales will have access to crime maps of their local area by the end of this year. But will they help cut crime, or could they have unforeseen consequences?

Today the world is at your fingertips and so is your neighbourhood. Five minutes spent Googling can reveal a whole catalogue of information that you didn’t know about your local area. Typing my neighbourhood into Google spills out 136,000 hits for everything from the rugby club to the local sewage station.

Whilst some results are clearly of niche interest, there’s one subject that everyone wants to know about – crime. So it’s not surprising that both Labour and the Conservatives have outlined plans to make crime maps of England and Wales available online.

If you’re buying a new house, or wondering whether it’s safe to walk home at night, having access to a map showing how many assaults or burglaries occurred last month in your area could be vital information.”

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