Daily Archives: September 19, 2008

London. So yet another 4×4 motorist kills a baby

I really lose my rag when time and time again, another motorist under the influence of drink and drugs, drives a car. The papers don’t tell you of course how she got the booze etc. Did she buy it herself or did she get served ‘illegally’ from a bar?

I never really understand alcoholics, and how they don’t know their boundaries, everyone is different. Some may be depressed but there are other ways of blocking things out, that don’t involve drink.

It is still ‘fashionable’ to drink and some people think ‘it is funny’ if they get drunk. I think it is just plain stupid!

Right now, someone I work with is ‘clearing up sick and drunks’ because people don’t know their limits. One drunk was picked up after being ‘left in a field’, left by his so called ‘immature’ friends in the cold. Luckily someone found him and we are still trying to ‘get him home’ safely. No taxis, of course, will take him. A drunk is a bloody nuisance.. let them be drunk at home and they can be sick there, and clear it up themselves!

We don’t want them causing mayhem on the road like that 4×4 driver. No doubt, she get will get away with it .. for some inexplicable reason.. like ‘it is her first offence’ and she is a 39 year old grandma or something.

I bet she will only pay a £350 fine and have only about 6 points off her licence. If I had it my way, she would go to jail, have her car crushed and get her suspended from driving ANY car for 10 years. I would also make her pay at least £5000 to the parents of the child. What good is the fine to the Government when it ought to go to the relatives close to the child? I can be very Conservative sometimes!


God knows how I wangled it but I have Sunday off so I can go to Freewheel! I wonder what the weather forecast is like.

Tomorrow I will have to find a hub. My colleague is going but not with me. I am just going on my own but it doesn’t really matter. Should be fun. I haven’t received a T shirt or anything though, nor has my colleague.