1) Good News.. I won’t be going on my own to Freewheel. J’s plans have been cancelled (good!)

More good news.. it’s supposed to be FairweatherCyclist-Weather. So, I think I will go Copenhagenchic style…. although a lot of my stuff is for cold British Weather.

2. Bad News: I think I have lost my favourite Copenhagenchic jacket which is a real bugger. I may have to turn the place upside down.

3. I’m amazed that the Hovis Freewheel cycling vest (2007) has been up for sale on Ebay.. whatever next? I may try it out and see what happens.

4. I haven’t had a ‘proper holiday’ this year ‘like normal people’, but I do not miss it. People often ask me why I don’t have proper holidays. The answer is ‘I am having far too much fun at home, and on my bike as well as doing some of my creative stuff. It is quite nice to have ‘useful holidays’ as opposed to ones that just cause a lot more stress and money! At least if I am at home, my lawn won’t be a mess as I can keep on top of it. Saying that, I quite fancy a camping weekend somewhere.. I like the outdoors and ‘camp grub’.

After getting ready for tomorrow I am going to find time to do my Christmas Cards. I may as well start early! I may sell some too, if they’re any good.


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