It’s Freewheel Day – Car Free London one day a year!

A beautiful day indeed!

It took me ages to find something suitable to wear but will be wearing a skirt with boots, I mean boots and heels are the trademark of Copenagenchic aren’t they? (and I like them!).

BC (Before Copenhagenchic, I would be wearing the usual ‘cashh’, cycling clothes, perhaps with a funny t shirt. Last year, I wore my Foska London Map t shirt. Maybe each year, I will have a theme, and will get some ideas for next year! One thing I like about Freewheel, is that ‘anything goes’ and you aren’t forced to wear Lycra.

At Freewheel, I am looking forward to photographing (if they let me) some cyclists, maybe for a Cycling Calendar for 2009. I will take my Digital Recorder just in case there is something good to record.

One nuisance is that there is engineering works on the trains! Great! I don’t WANT to Victoria! Oh well, at least I have woken up in time to go early anyway.

Anyway, off to the Madness of Freewheel. Looking forward to the Loud Musak as well!

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