I am thinking of ‘having some time out from blogging’. It can be quite timeconsuming and I like to think ‘I don’t want to be wasting my time.’ Cycling Advocacy is a very hard business. People just will always speed and motorists will carry on killing people and there is not a lot I can do, I suppose that is the frustrating bit.

I am missing out on My Other Stuff that ‘I need to get on with, like some of my creative stuff and including playing the piano. I played the piano and guitar but blogging seems to have ‘got in the way of that’! Writing a blog is very addictive but I am one of these people who like ‘to see an end result’. I am also doing a course and I’d like to do a few more, to keep the old brain cells going. I will keep these blogs going occasionally but I do need to focus on learning and improving my skills.

By the way, I was talking to someone about Freewheel and they said they loved it. Turns out they just went to Pall Mall and cycled for 3 miles car free and got loads of freebies including a bag. Looks like the trick is to go early, be at Pall Mall for 11pm and avoid the hubs.

I am bit tired from work… so I have to go…..then I have to start some arty farty stuff..


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