Sh_tty Cycle & Train Ride!

Well, it was perfect until I reached London Bridge at 5pm ie in good time and I knew about engineering works ie trains up the swanny.

Firstly I missed two connections, because at the last minute, South Eastern announced that the train would be on another platform and we had to cross the footbridge. This means, if I took the the bike up the footbridge, I would not be able to make the train! Another pedestrian bias.

At the third attempt, I asked the guard whether it’s worth staying at the ‘new’ platform and he said yes. Fortunately, his hunch was right.

But the train was packed! I couldn’t even get on the bike compartment but I finally found another compartment to go on with the bike. People crammed in. Worse was to follow because this mother, at the very last moment, decided to shove her pram in. She didn’t want to wait for the next train and she was quite happy to block everyone else in the crowded compartment, so people could not get out.

The next station was fine but, at St Johns (South London) in the middle of nowhere, I had to let off a woman who wanted to stop there, so I had to get my bike out. Unfortunately, the train would not wait to allow me to get on (this stupid 30sec policy!) so I was stuck there for about 3/4 hour. No one else was at the station. Finally I got on at Orpington and then hung around for another half hour (luckily it wasn’t cold) and then finally to another station. I had a further nightmare to get home as there were no lights on the main road. I took a short cut (and got lost because it was dark!) and then thought it best to end up on the main road again. God, I couldn’t believe there were no lights. I ended up cycling in patches of light and then getting off and walking on the dark footpath, which I could hardly see.

I finally got home at 2230. 2230!! That’s my bed time!! Next time the trains are up the creek, I won’t be taking my bike and will use the engineering works bus instead. A Brompton would be handy in those circumstances, ahh, maybe one day, when I win the lottery!

I need a cuppa tea! What an awful journey.

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