This Week’s ‘Full House’ Magazine – 2 October

The British magazine ‘Full House’ ran a 2 page spread on Page 14 of their magazine about a cyclist who was killed by a careless driver and the motorist, yet again, got away with a measly £275 fine and few points knocked off his licence. If you see it, buy a copy of it today.

I’ve googled the Daily Mirror article here:-

“Fury over lorry driver’s £275 fine for killing cyclist dad of four Glenn Syder
By Richard Smith 10/07/2008

Fury over lorry driver’s fine for killing cyclist dad of four

A widow yesterday hit out after a lorry driver who mowed down her cyclist husband was fined just £275 and had six points put on his licence.

Kashmir Nahal, 36, forgot to look as his goods vehicle pulled out from a busy junction one November morning last year.

He crushed 49-year-old father of four sons Glenn Syder who was riding to work. He died at the scene.

Nahal, who admitted careless driving and failing to give way in Havant, Hants, even escaped a drive ban at Portsmouth magistrates.

Yesterday, Glenn’s widow Angela called the £275 fine “ludicrous”.

Angela, 52, said: “It just doesn’t seem right that someone can do this and cause all this devastation and just be given a fine and a few points on his licence.

Surely the fine should have been more hefty.”

Cathy Keeler, of charity Brake, said: “£275 for a life seems ridiculous.”

Angela wants the Government to implement the new charge of causing death by careless driving, already on the statute books but not used.

She said that the family – sons Peter, Mark, Ryan and Scott, aged from 18 to 29 – were struggling to come to terms with their father’s death.

Angela added: “His four boys meant everything to him. It’s been a horrendous six months. The worst time was just after the accident. Our dog would be waiting at the window for Glenn to get home every night. I miss his quirky smile and his dry sense of humour.

“He was an incredibly popular and generous man. He would do anything for anyone and put others before himself. I’ve got memories of him out on his bike come rain or shine. That’s how I think I’ll always remember him.”

Angela, from Fareham, Hants, added: “The Government needs to implement a new offence of causing death by careless driving so that the sentences in cases like this reflect what has actually happened.”

Pc Mick Anderson said: “This new charge will fill the vast void we have between careless driving and death by dangerous driving but it’s still not going to recompense the families for the loss of a loved one.”

His dad Stan, 74, said: “If there’s one thing to take from Glenn’s death it is drivers need to look not once but twice before pulling out.”


With so many similar stories like that, you would think cycling clubs would actually be out protesting on the streets, just like the anti-knife group, and not just ‘leaving it up to the CTC’ lot etc. I wish cyclists had more backbone sometimes. I will write to my MP and find out what, if anything is being done.

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