Cyclists more in danger at Night?

According to the stats (reported to them), most cyclists involved in accidents were at night even though their bicycles had lights. It is interesting how speed restrictions do not change at night too under these circumstances. You could be going at 60mph in a country lane and you can hardly see anything and yet it is the same as daylight. Cyclists, with their limited vision, have to share a dark road with motorists. Very nasty if you are commuting back home and the clocks go back. Clearly cyclists must wear reflective gear, but even if they do, in some incidents the lorry driver still ‘doesn’t see them’.

This comes from their site:-

100% of respondents reported they were obeying the law when the incident occurred
77% of incidents involved a vehicle
4% of the incidents involving another vehicle were hit-and runs
Only 4% of incidents were reported to the authorities
34% of cyclists reported that they were wearing a helmet
100% of the cyclists riding at night were using lights when the incident occurred.


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