London Cycling Campaign: Congestion Charge

“The congestion charge works for cycling, but it risks being scrapped. It is essential that you make your views known to the TfL consultation.

We have until 5th October to tell the Mayor not to scrap the western extension of the congestion charge. Boris Johnson has asked for your views, so don’t lose this chance to support the congestion charge.

The original central London congestion charge led to an immediate reduction in motor vehicle traffic and a 30% increase in cycling. Pollution levels went down and the health of Londoners went up. The congestion charge raises vital income to support sustainable transport and a more liveable London.

The western extension of the congestion charge encouraged cycling and initially resulted in a 20% decrease in congestion. Major roadworks in the area have reduced the congestion impact, but without the charge congestion would be far far worse.

The Mayor and his advisors are known to be critical of the congestion charge. Boris Johnson is asking for views on whether the western extension should remain as it is; should be removed; or whether it should be altered. None of the alterations suggested in the consultation will reduce congestion and may even increase it.

London is renowned globally for the political courage in introducing congestion charging. Don’t let things slip back and see worse conditions for cycling and growth in motor traffic, congestion and pollution.

London Cycling Campaign is calling on the Mayor to retain the western congestion zone and strengthen its impact on reducing congestion.

LCC wants:

Retention of the western extension and of the current operating hours
Action to reduce congestion caused by travel between the western extension and the central zone. This means separating the two zones, charging separately for each zone, with a discount for drivers and zone residents travelling across both zones
Measures to capitalise on the road space freed-up by congestion charging, such as reallocating the space to cycling, walking and making streets and public spaces people-friendly
You’ll find LCC’s official responseat

The congestion charge has been central to promoting cycling and making London more pleasant. We can and must stop it being rolled back.

Make your views known at: TfL consultation

When you visit the TfL consultation website, you need not be constrained by the options given to you in the questionnaire. If you share our views, we suggest you tick the box for ‘keep the western extension as it is’, and then use the space on the next page to suggest changes, such as those we list above.

Act now, to make London a better city for cyclists

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