More Ghost bikes appearing in London

‘Ghost bikes’ are appearing across the capital in memory of cyclists killed on the road.

The Evening Standard ran a story on 1st October about Ghostbikes. I was very pleased to read about this in the media as this draws attention to the deaths of cyclists. Even someone I spoke today, said there appears to be a lot of cyclists being killed lately. Saying that the Government says that they’ve been reduced, but, that aint just good enough, is it?

For those of us out shopping, say, can see this visual reminders of the vulnerablity of cyclists and how these cyclists, often just often a road statistic, are honoured by other cyclists who care and want to remember this person.

“Painted white, they are chained to railings or lamposts at or near the spot of an accident. A website has been set up which shows their locations and gives information. One was left in Hackney, where in April 37-year-old Antony Smith died when his bicycle was in collision with a tipper lorry. Another was put in Greenwich Park by Greenwich Cyclists in memory of Lennard Woods, 53, who died last July. The club, which is planning a permanent memorial, said ghost bikes should be used to highlight accidents across London.

“Club member Anthony Austin said: “I think they are very useful to remind people of the person who has died, and to show how vulnerable cyclists are.


I was very impressed that the club was planning a permanent memorial. Are they having a separate one or the one planned by Roadpeace. I don’t know. Brilliant action by some bicycle activists anyway. I like to hear about that.

On the same subject, I have also added the link of where a map reports cycling casualities:-

These are their aims:-

There are thousands of active cyclists in London, and facilities are gradually improving in most boroughs of the capital. The aim of this project is to identify and make visible accident spots around the city, as well as attempting to collate some form of statistical information regarding bicycle accidents. The original ghostcycle website served the area in and around Seattle in the United States. It appears that this is no longer maintained, the mantle now taken over by ghostbikes

Originally we placed ghostcycles at accident spots in line with the American ghostcycle site. However we are changing to be in line with the new ghostbikes site, and place bikes to commemorate those who have died cycling.

We will continue to collate data and are in the process of extend the relevance of the data to include HGV incidents, in light of the apparent increase in HGV traffic in London ”


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