I’ve been trying to get into art and reawaken my ‘neanderthal’ creativity which has been more or less killed by working in offices and places where art is seen as a waste of time.

As a cyclist, I see lots of interesting things to draw and paint, but I struggle to do it, because my skills are quite limited. Sometimes, as a beginner, you feel daunted because loads of other people are a lot better and seem to ‘know everything’. However, armed with some self teaching books, youtube and fellow beginners, I can try and get inspired again. Art should be fun.

Art can be a mine field though. However, you can use it for all sorts of things. To improve your skills is another or to use it as a form of therapy is something, I tend to use it for. I mean, when you have been ‘through the mill’ at certain times of yourself, art is a form of relaxation and has a meditative quality. All this sounds rather pompous.. so the next video will shock you and show that if you are an artist who is completely useless, there Is hope and you can create masterpieces.

I have just started… to Paint by Numbers (don’t laugh!), as form of relaxation and perhaps a way of learning some art techniques. I am not very good at toning colours together so perhaps this can be a Fun way of learning, before I go on an art course one day. Believe it or not, there are Constables, Renoirs and even the Mona Lisa Paint by Number kits! The painting I am doing is a Paint By Numbers of Scotland’s monroes… so very beautiful and fun to paint.

Interestingly, Leonardo de Vinci used the Paint by Number technique for his students.. so if he can do it, so can we!

This video I found on Youtube and took her a year to do:-


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