Problems at Critical Mass with ‘the Police’.

This comes from the Critical Mass website (Sep 08):-

“Travelling between Victoria Street and Buckingham Palace Road on Friday night, we ran into a van load of police dressed in overalls, fleeces and baseball caps. Their van was an odd silver grey colour and apparently was not equipped with a siren or flashing lights.

To compensate for their lack of adequate apparatus the officers, led by # SX 836, attempted to force their way through the mass by knocking riders to the ground, and dragging others to the side of the road and dumping them on the pavement.”

At one point SX 836 encouraged drivers of other vehicles to ram the mass, telling them “Just drive at them, they’ll get out of the way!” despite the fact that we were all in the middle of a traffic jam at the time. Another officer involved whose number I managed to note down was QA 232. ”


On the other hand, another cyclist says:-

“Why the police didn’t turn up for what was a highly successful ride remains a mystery. Was this to do with the impending House of Lords appeal against the police on 20th October or was it some kind of an experiment to see if those ‘leaderless anarchists’ on bicycles would run amok without police supervision and cause traffic chaos or even worse?

Thanks to CM for reporting this.


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