How many more cyclists (or pedestrians) going to die?

Haven’t we had enough?

Any one of us could be killed and we are ‘just hanging in there’ every time we cycle.

Could cyclists become ‘extinct’?

Of course, accident victims are just ‘stats’ and may be on the front page and then ‘forgotten’ until the same thing happens the very Next Day.

Soon, with the increase in vehicles, more will die and perhaps, every single home will have one death from a road accident. Why should we worry all the time if our loved ones will come home at night and we’d have to identify them in a morgue? (That’s if they can be identified of course).

It’s good that there is finally some stirring in the lycra brigade because some of their Own lycra mates are dead. Yes, when the lycra lot die, then it Hits home, but if it is an everyday solitary commuter, Nothing Happens.

RIP to every single cyclist who died today.

It would be great if we had an evening where we would all go up to London and Protest outside Westminster (a good place for us as they refused to get it pedestrianised). We could time it on the day of the State Opening of Parliament perhaps.

We have been ignored for too long and that also means by our stupid ‘antiquated’ legal system run by grown men in tights who travel round in London by taxis everywhere.


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