A Photographic Project for London Cyclists

This comes from Facebook:-

“Are you a Londoner? Do you own a bike? Do you ride it with style? Do you know someone like this? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

LondonBikeStyle is a project by photographer, Marcus Ross, photographing the great and the good of London’s cyclists. If you have an interesting or unusual bike, or you ride you bike with a sense of style and panache, get in touch.

LondonBikeStyle will consist of 100 different people with their bikes. I am particularly keen to find a interesting cross-section of people, from all walks of life, with a great age range.

LondonBikeStyle will culminate in a book and an exhibition. If you would like to be part of this exciting project, please get in touch with your contact details, and a photograph of you and your bicycle.”


Well, I have just sent one of my London Pics off. None of my pics are normal since I belong to the Veteran Cycle Club! God knows what he will think. Looks a great idea and I have asked him when he plans to have the exhibition.

Update: Well, he liked the pic (he must have thought it was fun) and wants to photograph me for a scary ‘modelling assignment’. Me, a Model? My brother had a good laugh at that. Well, I could be a ‘character model’. So, I am going to look at some old bicycle postcards and see what kind of ‘style ‘they go for’. I’ve bought myself a vintage hat from Ebay as the one I have a little too dark for my dress and hopefully I will get it in time for this assignment! Coincidently, I am reading a book by Jordan and maybe I could get some tips!! I really hope he doesn’t take photos of me on the road in front of lots of people.. I may have to swig a glass of wine before he does that.

You can see some of the project at http://www.marcusross.net/pages/menu.html


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