Damage Limitation Cycling: Anti-Lorry & Traffic Lights route

My route to Leyton avoids most of Mile End and Whitehchapel now because I’ve found other small side streets that really help me dodge the lorries, you know, those awkward ones that are good for cyclists but not lorries. The more awkward the better for the motorists, the better for us. I even found myself cycling along Petticote Lane.

The London Cycle Maps kind of ‘encourage’ cyclists to cycle on the main roads because they have cycle paths but to be quite frank, it is better to use routes that avoid the extra risk of lorries and traffic lights, after all, many cycling accidents are caused by lorries and people failing to stop properly. Thereby, seeing traffic lights as an Evil, if I can find routes that avoid them, even better. Unfortunately, this means that motorists will not be used to cyclists on the main roads, which makes them even worse, but if we cyclists can find other way, even if it takes a bit longer, it may be worthwhile.

At Bow, it is quite easy to skirt round the back however, the bit at the Bow Flyover is a bottleneck of motorists, all and sundry, we want to avoid. If we can walk along bottlenecks where all the nutters congregate, we would be a lot safer. Of course, there isn’t much we can do if they are so bad they decide to mount the pavement! Bear in mind, bottlenecks breed nutter motorists and we don’t want to mix with them.

Also with the side streets, many are now 20mph and it is a lot more pleasant than cycling on the main road with all the motorists even though there is a disceptively safe cycle path on it. It is not!

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