Transport for London and Iceland ‘Fiasco’

I see that Transport for London, not only has shoved money, into Iceland but it is so confident of our UK Government saving schemes, that it decided to invest the money in another country – one infested with earthquakes and volcanos. (The plate is right bang in the middle of the country).

Saying that, Iceland is a wonderful country – having been there. Beautiful scenery, hardly a bloody car to be seen (mostly the odd yank in a 4×4 though), clean crisp air, friendly people, excellent air quality (if you ignore the stink of sulphur) and to be frank, it is my second home! If I could I would live there, but the language is a bu++ger!

It would be interesting to see how much they invested and how cyclists and other road users will be affected by this high risk financial mess.

Thanks also to Crap Waltham Forest who has once again, discovered the true figure (with great websites) that prove more cyclists have been killed in the UK than serviceman and women in Afghanistan – The Front line is also in the UK. Our own country is dangerous!

The link is on the right hand side.


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