Overseas News: California-Blind Lobbiest want silent hybrid cars to do a study

“California state representatives have been getting increased calls concerning pedestrians who have been involved in more and more hybrid car vs. pedestrian accidents.

A bill was sent to Governor Arnold Swarzenegger for review that would that would require the California Energy Commission to set up a committee to study this issue. Los Angeles Pedestrian accident attorneys have been wondering when the State would see what the injury lawyers had been seeing all along.Hybrid cars are gaining in popularity and there will be many more added to the streets as years go by. One attractive feature of the hybrid cars is the fact that they are so quiet. They are so quiet though that people simply do not hear them approaching and if you are deaf or blind, that makes matters worse. Even a hearing and seeing pedestrian can enter a crosswalk or roadway with out seeing an on coming silent vehicle.”

Lobbyists for the California Council for the blind are trying to get legislators to do a study on this problem. Other groups are trying to push them to mandate technology to be included on these vehicles that would put an artificial sound on them.

more on: trivalleytec.org


What’s more, these cars are already in the UK now. In California, these vehicles hitting blind and other vulnerable people, epidemic proportions. Yes, an epidemic.

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