Cycle trip to Epping Forest – well, got as far as Chingford.

From Leyton the trip was quite far, well, it felt far with the traffic! We cycled through some lovely Forest. We had a rubbish map hence our trip was cut short.

Here is a picture of a news cutting I read while having sarnies at a bench by the church at Chingford.. nice eh? People are lovely aren’t they? It is a good job I am quite reclusive, so I don’t have to mix with most of ’em!

A wonderful weatherboarded house in Chingford. For once, an architect has got it right. Shame most of Chingford is ‘souless surburbia’. I love the green in front of it. Beautiful!

Chingford, a Mock Tudor Surburban Close:-

Beautiful entrance outside the Church at Chingford (we had a picnic behind it):-

J cycling in Epping Forest with his new bike (BTW we were very lost here!)

Look carefully at this pic. We were by a lake in the Forest and we saw this strange animal resting on the tree trunk! It didn’t move for ages but it is a real turtle!

A family with kids spotted it and started to stupidly chuck things at it. We went back to the spot and thought about having a ‘Pond Rage’ attack but then we thought it was a lot safer, and more effective, if we ‘pretended to be really interested in the turtles’ and take videos.. the family scarpered after they thought they were being filmed. Oh the power of the video camera and youtube eh!

We saw the family start chucking things at the turtle from here and went off to investigate (or sort em out!)

J pointed out to me that we were wearing ‘colour coordinated clothing’, which was quite scary! While were were talking about it we saw a couple with co-ordinated bicycles – 2 bromptons – one for the bloke and one pink one for the girl! Lovely… I couldn’t wait to go back and change.


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