Anti Aviation protesters try to enter UK Parliament

Being a ‘protester’ kind of person and because being a Bicycle Activist can cover many activist activities, I have added the story which was on Yahoo this morning:-

“Hundreds of anti-aviation campaigners have been stopped from getting into the Houses of Parliament.

Police were forced to lock the doors at Westminster after protesters tried to force their way inside.

Scotland Yard said none of the environmental demonstrators managed to breach security.

Doors at the main St Stephen’s entrance were closed and secured with two large metal bars, with the hammering of protesters clearly audible from the inside.

The protest was organised by the Climate Rush group, which is angry about airport expansion and other Government policies on the environment.

Climate Rush organiser Jennifer Ruhemann said the action was by a broad coalition of groups including the Women’s Institute, the Green Party and Plane Stupid.

Many of the protesters were dressed as Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the suffragette movement, and said they wanted to “rush” Parliament to mark the centenary of similar action by the suffragettes”


However, I don’t ‘get’ the Emmeline Pankhurst connection – maybe I am Plane Stupid or something!

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