Mother of child killed by 4×4 demands speed bumps

From the Thurrock Gazette:-

“The devastated mother of a toddler who was crushed by a 4×4 outside a school has called for speed bumps to be installed there to prevent more accidents.

There are only three bumps in Selwyn Avenue but none by the Cavendish Road school entrance where 15-month-old Finlay Woods was crushed by a heavy Toyota last month.

His mother Tina, 31, who attended her son’s funeral last week, said: “If there had been speed bumps outside the school, then she (the driver) couldn’t have gone fast.”

The driver of the Toyota 4X4 had clipped several cars and demolished a crash barrier before hitting Finlay.

Mrs Woods must return to the scene of the crash day after day to deliver her other children to the school.

She also wants the pillar which Finlay was pinned against by the car to be demolished.

Another school mum, Donna Godfrey, whose two children Jack, five, and George, nine, go to the school, has been campaigning for speed bumps there for seven years since her older daughter, Sophie, now 12, was a pupil.


I’m staggered (that word again), that another mother had been campaigning for 7 years to get speed bumps! Seven years.

Perhaps they will do something now someone has died. Sometimes it takes a death or several, to get things done. Sometimes nothing gets done at all. The media coverage, the better, on these types of news stories as the council and Government don’t like to have bad publicity. Never mind ramps, it is bad enough just getting CCTV coverage or even lights at black spots.


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