This is the word I’ve used when I saw Crap Waltham Forest’s cycling blog this morning (see Cycling in Waltham Forest link). I think Waltham Forest is a league of its own. It never ceases to amaze me what people get up to there.

Now, the bike thieves have tried to nick a bike by sawing the bike stand in half!! Whatever next? Now, when they start doing this, we will get ‘copy cats’ so we have get LCC to badger councils to get safer cycling stands. I think Crap Waltham Forest needs to complain to the council and LCC, if a member, as clearly this will become a problem if thieves get hold of this’.

I remember being told of a story whereby a bike thief knew of an expensive bike in a shed. In order to get in the shed, they opened up the roof!

However, now I have a fold up bike now, I think I get the last laugh! The best bicycle security is to be with it all the time. So ner!


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