Meditation Session

I am off to a meditation session this evening up in London (blimey, most ‘normal’ cyclists never talk about that!). Fortunately, I will be going with fellow cyclists, on a similar wavelength, so, it will be nothing out of the ordinary for us. I enjoy discussing the deeper things in life with them and no subject is taboo. I am really looking forward to it as haven’t been for ages. Part of my religion (Buddhist) and philosophy is to meditate. I don’t really do it enough but I should. Cycling in busy traffic, constantly watching behind, in front and sideways and with the other stuff in your life, makes your mind crowded with often unnecessary ‘material’ stuff. To meditate, clarifies the mind and you think clearer and helps you focus on what is important.

It will be a perfect end to the end of my holiday before I go to work tomorrow.


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