Cycle Lanes on roads

You only have to see the ‘Cycle/Bus Lanes’ at Stratford ‘Olympic City’ to see that ‘they are totally unsafe to use’. Some of these ‘cycle lanes’ are White Elephants and give cyclists a false sense of security. Yes, I feel more ‘at risk’ using them which defeats the object! They are being used by illegal motorists to try and intimidate us. The cycle lane should have been put next to the road where there is plenty of space and a lot safer from the 18 tonne selfish jugganaughts.

I was looking at it today thinking, well, it is supposed to be a cycle lane but clearly all and sundry use it and abuse it making it useless.

I walked from Stratford to Bow as the cycle lanes here were too dangerous to use. I still have to try out some back streets but either way, I will never use it. I actually don’t know why regular bike commuters still do. I’d rather walk in the pavement than risk cycling on it when motorists clearly don’t get reprimanded.

They say ‘we don’t have the infrastructure’, but in parts, we do and they’re not being used. Hence loads of cyclists use the pavements in Stratford.

Idiotic drivers and cyclists don’t mix and unforunately, I think it’s better to have a separate cycling highway.


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