Critical Mass

CTC have mentioned in their online newsletter today:-

“The Critical Mass Cycle ride sees hundreds of cyclists take to the streets of London on the last Friday of each month. Those who take part say that, although the event is a regular occurrence, no one organises it and the route is never the same. However, the police started issuing warnings in 2005 which informed those taking part that they required advanced notice with details of the date, time, route and the names and addresses of organisers. For more information listen to Radio 4’s Law In Action”.


Well, it’s true that ‘no one organises the route’, the routes vary in minutes, sometimes even the police are in front. Critical Mass regards itself as ‘traffic’. That’s the point.

It’s random and free, people can start from anywhere, no one knows who will turn up, the rain could stop many from going.

Yet, cars congregate in hundreds if there is a massive queue to an event, say pop concert or towards Airports, sometimes there are no special police when there is a hold up. The M25 for a start is one big car park.

People can go home whenever they want in Critical Mass. There’s no set end to the route. It maybe part of their commute.

In the EU, ie Denmark and the Netherlands, there’s masses of cycling ‘traffic’ anyway. It’s normal to be on a bike.

Here cycling should be more popular, it’s a lot healthier anyway and less dangerous. A mass of cyclists is a lot better than a mass of lorries and cement mixers that have killed cyclists in London particularly recently, (even Coroners are getting fed up with this), which will feature in Panorama in due course, not to mention taxis that have deliberately tried to kill a cyclist as per a recent law suit. The law has anti-cyclist bias and cyclists often die because a motorist caused dangerous driving, the motorist may just gets a fine and yet, many of us still want to cycle. In France, the laws for cyclists are much better, after all, cycling is their sport,thought, for many of us now.

In China, there are masses of cyclists, compared to vehicular traffic and they have priority too. There’s billions of chinese on bikes. It’s deciding whether it is a demonstration or not. Yet, as a ‘green’ cyclist myself, we all demonstrate our freewill to be green, 24/7, and use the bike instead of a car or to show that we want to ease global warming by using a bike instead. Motorists daily, in droves, demonstrate the right to drive, and choke the atmosphere, that is their choice. It is our choice to go by bicycle. This is the 21st Century, the Century of the Bicycle. Things have changed. Many younger people, are more environmentally aware. It’s inevitable as we learn more about our part in the world.

More people have taken to bikes to demonstate they don’t want to be blown up in a bus or tube because of the terrorists. Some of us we can’t trust the authorities to protect us anymore. I used to commute to Aldgatetube station and now I rarely use the tube now. When the IRA were targetting the city, years back, my office was blown up in the Square Mile. It’s safer out on a bike! I don’t feel safe to use the bus. I feel safer on my bike. I don’t think Critical Mass is a Registered Organisation too. When I cycled for a registered charity, they had to get ‘it organised properly’ with doctors etc. There’s no real organiser with Critical Mass.


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