Voice of Common Sense: Public want Drink Drive Limit Lowered

This story is from Sky News today:-

“A poll suggests more than three-quarters say a reduction of the legal limit to 50mg would be a good thing.

The survey, for the Tonight TV programme this evening, comes ahead of a Government consultation which is expected to come out against reducing the blood-alcohol limit from 80mg.

Worryingly the poll also showed 17% admitted they had driven home after a night out knowing they were probably over the limit.

One-fifth said they had got behind the wheel the morning after thinking their blood-alcohol levels were over the limit.

The programme features Amanda and Phil Peak, from Partington, Greater Manchester, whose sons Arron, 10, and Ben, 8, died in a drink-drive crash.

The driver, former Plymouth Argyle goalkeeper Luke McCormick, 25, was jailed for seven years and four months after admitting causing the deaths of the boys and driving with excess alcohol.

Mrs Peak says if you are going to drive then you shouldn’t drink at all: “Nobody knows where they stand with the drink driving, one person can drink one and still be under the limit, another person can drink exactly the same as what that person drank and be over the limit.”


You can see easily the effects of drink driving on our streets, and the hospitals are sick to the back teeth of this, so why do they want to raise it? Cycling is bad enough as it is without all this cr+p. No doubt it is something to ease prison overcrowding or to boost the pub business etc etc.

Roll on the General Election. Voting Gordon Brown Out, come what may, may be a good option!

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