Some action from Transport for London

An excerpt from Cyclesafe (see my link on the right for more info):-

“The Mayor of London’s office has responded to questions regarding the safety of cyclist on London Roads. And so far the response is very positive.

The TFLs London Road Safety Unit (LRSU) have recognised cycle safety as a problem and have run a number of campaigns over the last few years to attempt to highlight the issues. These campaigns include:

* Leaflets and posters which were distributed to both cyclists and lorry drivers
* Stickers for the rear of HGV trailers which read: ‘Beware of passing this vehicle on the inside’
* Distribution of 10,000 ‘fresnel’ lenses: Enabling the lorry driver to see more of their blind spot along with their conventional mirrors.


I don’t think I have seen a HGV with any of these stickers. Also it is all very well, telling cyclists not to pass lorries on the left, when we are looking ahead and the thing, comes at us on the right! Not all of us have mirrors and how can you get away from a lorry easily when there are railings etc and when it comes next to you, it turns left and squashes you as it turns with its back wheels.


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