Book about the New East End: Salaam Brick Lane

One of my typically ‘Slow Movement’ activities is reading books. I picked this up at the library, and its about the East End, that I cycle in, so I am looking forward to reading it, when I am not doing other stuff. I still have loads of other books to read!

It has a good review on Amazon and even the customer reviews are good:

“* ‘Charming, brilliant, affectionate and quietly impassioned… it manages to be balanced, humane and life-affirming. I hope it sells out faster than cases of Chalky’s “Coat de Roen”. – Guardian * ‘It’s hard to imagine a more moving or more telling record of lives on the edge’ – Sunday Times * ‘Forthright and funny’ – Daily Telegraph * ‘I was absolutely riveted. It’s funny, enlightening and very moving… I’m recommending it to all my friends just because it’s such a good read.’ – Kate Fox, author of Watching the English * ‘He has a fine ear for the myriad speech patterns of the East End’s varied inhabitants.’ – Daily Mail * ‘Entertaining… Hall cannily plays the bewildered public schoolboy to a range of different characters.’ – Times Literary Supplement * ‘Fascinating and funny’ – Sunday Times * ‘Such a light, playful book and yet with a compelling tow which takes you into the myriad realities of life in the East End of London.’ – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown”


I wonder if it will reflect the humour of the New East End, as I often get witty remarks from newsagents, and whether it will reflect some of the ‘fear’ of crime in that part of London. Well, we shall see, if it really reflects the New East End or not.

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