UK: Where are all the cycle lanes? say CTC

I saw this on the European Cyclist Federation website (

“CTC – the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation is disappointed that year on year fewer cycle lanes are being built in England. Last year local authorities painted a pitiful 2.8 millimetres of cycle lanes for each person! That’s the length of this dash -.

This week in an answer to a parliamentary question the Department for Transport finally admitted that local authorities are reducing their investment in cycle lanes – from 405 kms in 2001-2 to a mere 140 kms in 2006-7, a 65% fall over the last 5 years.

Cyclists often bitterly complain of poor cycle facilities that stop and start randomly. Sadly these figures show that not only are the number of lanes being installed falling but the average length of cycle lanes has also declined from 869m to 553m.

CTC’s Policy Co-ordinator Chris Peck said: “This isn’t a surprise in a country where we spend 70 times more on roads than on cycling. What is even worse is even the few cycle lanes that are installed are too short and narrow, and often end where they are most needed.”

CTC is calling on the local authorities to dedicate at least 10% of their transport budget to walking and cycling. Where they do install a cycle lane, they need to ensure that it is designed correctly and that they consult local cyclists.

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