Boris wants to treble cycling.. even though the Law is a Mess

Despite the English Legal System being heavily against the cyclist when injured or killed and  the CTC saying not enough is being paid towards safer cycle paths and the lack of compulsory wide blind spot mirrors for lorry drivers, Boris seems to want to treble cycling in London.

According to the London Cycling Campaign’s website, they “welcome London Mayor Boris Johnson’s formal declaration of his determination to boost cycling in London more than threefold, giving it a share of all journeys that is above 5% – more than 1.7 million journeys per day. 

Responding to LCC members’ magazine London Cyclist and BikeRadar, Johnson said:

“I fully intend to ensure that the cycling share of London journeys is massively increased in the coming years. TfL is working towards a target of 5% by 2025, but I will be working with TfL and the boroughs on new ideas that might enable us to be more ambitious. I’ve already asked TfL to develop plans for a bicycle hire scheme for London, along the lines of the hugely popular Velib scheme in Paris, to make cycling accessible to everyone.  We’ll work to make cycling safer and more convenient, and we’ll work with the boroughs to make cycling a priority. £2 million will also be made available for more secure parking facilities such as the Finsbury Park cycle park.”


Perhaps they can change a few laws that will actually benefit cyclists  like some other countrie Safety has to be backed up with better and supporting laws.


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