The Media & Motoring

There is a funny mixture going on.

Interesting, yet again, ‘money’ has something to do with it! They don’t want to upset their advertising revenue do they? Good job, us bloggers on the internet, ‘work for free’ and don’t need advertising!

When I put the Lorry & Cyclist video on my website, the stats shot through the roof! Clearly people are interested, whether they are cyclists or even lorry drivers, or even none of them. People want to know what’s going on in their own ‘world’, not always about something ‘political’. Road accidents affect everyone, sometimes it’s good to hear both sides of the story.

The thing is, with the Daily Mail, for example, not all people are stupid. Some of them only buy the paper if there is a DVD say, of something they’re interested or buy it for the non controversial sports page. It’s a scam!

Saying that, occasionally and only occasionally, they do have some good stuff. I mean, we do want to know if our Prime Minister resigns!


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