Ideas for a Calender 2009

I like the idea of creating a ‘reality’ council calender (thanks to ‘Cycling in Waltham Forest’ Link, for the idea).

Copies could made for the council and useless agencies that don’t clean London up properly. A nice photojournalism photograph would show them what’s ‘not being done’ by the council.

Maybe photos for a calender of called Bad Driving 2009.

Even perhaps, photos of Stratford, Olympic City, and all the filth and vandalised buildings and rubbish bags, and regular newspaper headlines of knife crime.

We have a lot of fluffy Calenders, so why not a Not So Cute one!

This may be a fun project to do. When I do these kinds of projects, I use, there are some cheaper desk calenders though about about £3.

If you participate, we can youtube our calenders too! Let me know your moniker!

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