Cyclists in distress!

1) Cyclists Distress – No 1

Whilst on my way to Leytonstone last night, and having stopped for a bit to take videos of lorry drivers ‘misbehaving badly’ at Whitechapel traffic lights, a cyclist came up to me as she had lost her rear light.

We  had a look for it on the road. However, it would have been hard to get anyway because of the speed and number of motorists.  

She had travelled all the way from Clapham Junction, which is quite a heavy feat, considering the awful roads in London! It was also dark so can’t have been easy. I have only done the route in daytime, and that was bad enough! 

The light was found – but squashed.

Fortunately, me, being well organised ‘for once’, even had a spare rear light (on my helmet) so she said could use that one, as she had a long journey still to go and she said would pop it in the post sometime.

I’ve had lights fall of my bike all the time and it is a real pain. Now I have LED ‘frog lights’, which grip on things, I don’t have this problem anymore though. One thing less to worry about!

2) Cyclist in Distress – 2

As I cycled just past London Bridge, a cyclist, skidded and fell off his bike. I thought at first someone had ‘knocked him over’ but it just looked like a ‘run of the mill’ skid that we get every so often. It was lucky no cars were behind him.  A cyclist was near him at the time, who managed to see if he was ok. He was fine, though it appeared that his chain fell off in the fall.

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