I was going to go to Redbridge today to see the new cycling centre.

It was a job to get hold of the number by directory enquries and in the end I contacted the helpful cycling officer for Redbridge to give me more details.

I rang up Redbridge and asked if I could take some pics for my cycling blog but was told that ‘there were lots of kids today so it was unadvisable’ (Now, I thought they worry about that sort of thing at swimming pools but kids in helmets and kneepads?!), God Help Them in London 2012, when people will be taking photos left right and centre at the velodrome! Being a woman, makes me even less of a risk. Rules are rules eh. I didn’t particularly want to take photos of the centre on the quiet as the video coverage may not be so good. Rather get it done properly.

I discovered my map doesn’t even do Redbridge so I had a buy another map.

In the end, I thought I need to  really plan the route better and choose a day ‘that avoids kids;’! Saves a lot of hassle.

So I am going to do the Redbridge route on another day… alas!


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