Road Testing Helmet Cam

I have a useless Tony Hawks Helmet cam, so useless, I have hardly used  it!  

I took about half an hours worth but only 5 minutes worth was filmed.  It cut off. It appears to only take 5 clips. It is probably broken now as the ‘movie’ thing doesn’t flash and it has a permanent 0 in the screen!

This is Leyton and you can see how narrow the roads are with the cars parked on the left hand side and the busy traffic on this Sustrans recommended cycle route.


Update: It works now as I put yet another set of lithium batteries. So, if it runs low on batteries, it only shows the screen, but doesn’t do anything.

I have been looking at other helmet cams such as Oregen Scientific but I think it is best to chat with other cyclists. Maybe they all have the same kind of problems with these bloody things! I wonder if the expensive one are really any good? They use so much battery power. Maybe it is just easier to have a digital cam I can just put on the handlebars? Then the films would last much longer.

Update: I am going to try and use my digital camera and stick it on the handlebars. I have just bought a handlebar mount online but whether it works is another thing. I will use the Tony Hawks in London but only for the scary rides!

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