Snow in London

Well, I wasn’t in London so I had missed the snow which was a shame.  The only snow in London since 1934 they say. However, I did see the snow clouds forming which was as exciting as it got really! 

Now, I wish I had a camera that could take timelapse clouds… now would be fun to do. Maybe I can do it on my camera… some of the settings I never use, so maybe I don’t need to buy another camera after all.

My hybrid isn’t fit for London yet as I still haven’t sorted out the brakes, will have to do that by Friday.

There’s usually one bike in the bike shop every week I’ve noticed!

‘A’ has a spare cycling shorts, you know the one with the straps, a kind of cycling ‘mankini’. Very nice although as it is a ‘men’s one’, it may have a ‘lunchbox’! I am not sure if they do unisex ones so we will see.

 I haven’t seen Russell Brand on my cycling travels round Leyton since last time. In the paper he was at his home in Hampstead.  Today I heard he has resigned.. what a bloody mess! I can’t believe they went on about this rubbish in Parliament.


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