Bloomin’ Heck – Aldgate to Stratford.. A Cycling Corridor!

That’s my route.. ‘conveniently’ something to do with ‘the Olympic route’.

Pinch me.. surely this is a joke?

This is one of the worst cycling routes in London (unless you nip down a side street)- Illegal vehicles regularly use the bus lanes, you get concrete mixers and 18T lorries down it and it is heavily congested and the pollution sucks despite Low Emission Zone.  Millions of traffic lights get in the way causing extra dangers. I am fed up with the Road Accident signs that line the route!

If they are going to make this a cycling ‘corridor’, it really has to be car free, not a ‘pretend cycling corridor’.

Here is what LCC had on their site:-

TfL and its partners have sent out an invitation to attend a public presentation of plans to regenerate the Aldgate to Stratford route into a thriving ‘High Street’, including a cycle corridor. This follows a public consultation in June and July.

The presentation took place from 6.30–8pm on 29 October, at the Idea Store, 321 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1BU.

Those unable to attend the presentation can send your feedback via

Another second presentation takes place in Newham at the Old Town Hall, Stratford in November.

As an aside, it’s ironic to note that it could be along this same route that Olympic officials envisage being shuttled from the city centre to the games in over 3000 limousines.


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