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Ahh, A look back at London History – What the Tories wanted in 2002

Remember this?

Cast your mind back to London 2002 – The Tory Mayoral Candidate Steven Norris wanted this:-

Lorries will be banned from London during the day under plans unveiled by Conservative mayoral candidate for the city, Steve Norris.

He said the move would cut chaos on London’s packed roads and spark a reduction in pollution.

Mr Norris’ plan would extend an existing ban to stop commercial vehicles delivering loads during daylight hours in an area which covers most of the 33 London boroughs.””

Now we have deaths due to the current Tory Policy under Boris Johnson.

Newham Cycling Councillor

“Cycling Services
Newham’s Cycling Officer can help you find safe cycle routes to work or school and organises cycle training.

Cycle lanes
To help cyclists, we are introducing a network of cycle lanes throughout the borough. There is a map showing our proposed routes, available from local libraries, council offices and other public places. You may also want to order a free copy of one of Transport for London’s London Cycle Guides. Call TfL’s 24-hour travel information service on 020 7222 1234 or complete the London Cycle Guide online order form. Guides 6 and 11 cover Newham.

Parking your bike
We are currently introducing new cycle parking facilities across the borough so that there will be somewhere to secure you bike at your destination. These will be at places such as railway and DLR stations, shopping centers and other popular sites in Newham.

The Greenway
We are not neglecting those who want to cycle in their leisure time either. With the Greenway offering a traffic free east-west route across the borough, leading to the Lea Valley Way, you can cycle all the way to Waltham Abbey!

Bike by train
And remember you can take your bike on the Barking-Gospel Oak line enabling you to commute all the way to Hampstead Heath via the Lea Valley. For more information contact Silverlink Trains on 0845 601 4867.

More information
For more information about cycling in Newham contact Colin Roberts on 020 8430 6599 or send an email to””

Looks like me and him will chat on taboo subjects like:-

1) Where can I find secure cycle parking with CCTV?
2) The lack of being able to take bikes on trains at Stratford?
3) Why are buses allowed to use the roundabout by Chobham Road?

etc etc.

Problems with WordPress

For some reason it has got lines through it!

Thought it may have something to do with the Del but may have to contact WordPress to find a way of getting rid of it.

Sainsburys Lorries in Whitechapel

Some good news for a change.

I saw a Sainsburys lorry with a ‘Caution Cyclists – Don’t cycle on the left’ – kind of sticker.

Shame not all Sainsburys Lorries have them or many other lorries… but it is a start. I could easily see the bright white sticker too.

Aldgate East: French Company EDF block bicycle


This has been reported to EDF today. I explained that I was a ‘member of the public’ who saw a bicycle blocked in by the barricades and the owner would not be able to ‘get home’.

Then I am going to make some postcards out of it! (and give one to EDF of course). I may even give some to some EDF staff!

I am going to make a meal of this! I haven’t finished with this picture!!

Anti Social Behaviour – Gathering Evidence

From the Home Office’s website

“Evidence to put before a court can be a number of different things:

someone speaking directly to the court – a member of the community, yourself, a police officer, a council worker, a warden, a police community support officer, teacher, doctor or a councillor – people who might give evidence to the court of their own experience or of events which have been described to them by witnesses (also known as professional witnesses)
a document which you produce in court to prove the truth of a fact – this can be a written statement or a document such as a tenancy agreement to show contractual obligations
a community impact statement (see article about community impact statements) or
something else which supports the above, such as photographs, a sound or video recording.
The first kind (evidence in person) is almost always best for your case. It allows the judge both to hear the facts and to assess the truthfulness of your witness.”


They are always moaning about people eating the wrong things, smokers and people getting injuries due to binge drinking, but they need to campaign about road accidents in the UK and that we don’t do enough to prevent them. Doctors and nurses have to put up with cyclists motorists, horses and riders, and pedestrians who have had horrific and devastating injuries.

Where is their voice on this?

With all the congestion, injuries will just go through the roof. How can the NHS cope? How much money is all this costing? How much are these operations and amputations?