East London: Rainy Ride & A Crash

I had to go into London on Saturday night. It was bucketing it!

Fortunately my jacket was adequate (because it wasn’t a special cycling jacket) but I had no waterproofs (must remember to pack them in at all times) and the worst bit, was the squelching of water in my ‘Copenhagen’chic’ leather boots. They did the trick for a while but then the ol’ British weather kicked in. (I may have to buy some waterproof covers for my shoes – Oh God, more money!). I was quite cold with all the train, two jumpers wasn’t enough. I think I ought to bring a hot flask full of soup on my rides now.

My pannier broke just before my trip (Oh Great!) but I went to a bike shop who fixed it with wire but I will have to buy another pannier soon. He said I should have taken two panniers with me. (Yes, I know, but it is a nuisance to carry around!)

The roads were terrible, huge puddles by the gutter. I will upload some videos tomorrow.

In Tower Hamlets there was a major crash. Turns out that a police vehicle had crashed and it looked a right wreck. Not sure what happened but tons of police were around, mostly trying to get rid of bystanders. I have never seen so many blue lights.


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