Dangers of the Credit Crunch n Lorries!

This story comes from the US but I thought I’d raise awareness of this issue with cyclists in the UK (or even the US, as I have American readers):-

(This is even more of a reason why lorries and cyclists don’t mix!)

(Source: Lawfuel.com)

“In the hustle and bustle of most California cities, a constant sight that most everyone is quite familiar with is the amount of diesel trucks that are continuously driving on the roads and highways. Every single one of us depends on 18-wheelers to bring a large number of the products that we use to various companies and businesses.

There are a large number of individuals who have sons, uncles, brothers, and husbands that drive many of these 18-wheelers that make these daily deliveries we have grown so dependent upon. Unfortunately some of these diesel truck drivers are literally putting their lives in the hands of the trucking company’s owner. It is a given fact that 18-wheelers are depended upon to drive thousands of miles each week, and because of this they will need continuous maintenance done to their rigs, and tires replaced very often. Sadly some of the owners of these big rigs try to cut as many corners as they can to save on expenses, and one area they try to save money on is by not having new tires put on the diesels or the trailers. In many instances a diesel with old worn out tires is an accident waiting to happen.

If you live in Huntington Beach, and have suffered the loss of one of your family members because the diesel truck they were driving had old and worn out tires on it and the owner knew it was a hazard, you will need to contact one of the areas leading wrongful death attorneys. There are also times that the tire manufacturers may be at fault and you can rely on the expertise of well known wrongful death attorneys to be able to determine the course of action that needs to be taken in your particular case.

Going through the traumatic experience of losing a family member to an accident of this nature can be very trying on the surviving family members, especially when you find the accident could have been prevented simply with a new set of tires being put on the 18-wheeler your loved one was driving.

A diesel with old worn out tires is an accident waiting to happen”


And I regularly use a route that has 18 T lorries bombing down it. Thank God for my mirrors!

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