New Shopping Centre in West London

This is an article from the Daily Telegraph:-

“A 43-acre mall in Shepherd’s Bush boasts stores from international brands like Prada, Chanel and Valentino, major US firms including Apple, Nike, and Gap, as well as “anchor” stores from the likes of Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Next.

Many of the 265 shops at the £1.7 billion development are expected to offer deep discounts on the first day of trading, and Westfield’s operators say they have put measures in place to deal with huge crowds.

Westfield also contains a 14-screen cinema, 50 restaurants, a gym, a spa and a library under its undulating, energy-efficient roof. .

A new overland train station has been constructed to help deal with the huge number of visitors, but locals have warned that shoppers who travel to the centre in their cars could exacerbate congestion problems. The centre has created 4,500 car parking spaces and 570 cycle spaces for those not using public transport”

For one thing, do we really need another mall? How many more Starbucks etc do we need? This is just a ‘business gimmick’ that good on the Mayor of London.

So it has a lot of cycle spaces, considering the number of people who are expected to go, will people want to leave their bikes if they do not have secured cycling racks? Will it have CCTV, or be in a place where the bikes can be out of sight and locked with a special key? I think it would be a great ‘bike thief’ territory.

I don’t have any friends who are into expenive Prada type presents so it is unlikely I will go there for buying any presents. Just popping into a mall is a kind of Hell for me. The racquet of people stomping round the mall and screaming just gives me headaches. I don’t like being in a mass of people in a closed environment like a mall. I think I have only been to Bluewater a couple of times and I doubt I will go for a very very long time! I think I get most stuff online so I don’t have to hike all the way there. However, the only thing that may make me go to that all, at a push, is if I had a wedding to go to and would have to buy a special outfit but that’s about it!

I think I can be Copehagenchic too, without going to the Mall.

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