Sexism & Cycling

This has reared is ugly head today after having a chat with a Green Councillor.

I said that I had problems being ‘taken seriously’ when I was an lycra’ed up as an endurance cyclist, particularly in some ‘lycra & gadget mad’ cycling clubs etc.

He thought this was interesting as female marathon runners get more respect in a running club. I used to do marathon running and joined a local Athletics Club. Everyone was very friendly. We had a good laugh without a put down or obscenity! Some cycling clubs seem to make women unwelcome and they often make their trips ‘deliberately fast’ to stop them going. Some cycling clubs don’t have women’s only rides either.

Endurance – It’s getting there that counts!

Anyway, the councillor will bring it up with one of his Green contacts who has a Green Magazine. Greenies need to be more aware of this and highlight this British Problem. I wonder if the female olympic champions used to go on women’s only rides a lot.

If I do join a Cycling Club.. I could be ‘an undercover journalist’ and report back with all the sh+it I get!!!’ Saying that, I think I could get paid for ‘danger money’!

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